In Edmonton and Ft. McMurray, there is simply no accepted industry standard for the word “scrubbing” amongst property maintenance contractors and managers. So for the customer it can mean any number of things from rinsing the floor with a garden hose to using pressure washers all the way up to using actual scrubbing machines. This can make things pretty confusing, especially when comparing quotes and the customer naturally assumes an apple on one quote surely must be an apple on another.

For clarity, most professional property managers in Edmonton agree scrubbing is done only with a specialized scrubbing machine (we use the industry leading Tennant T20 in picture) that scours the parkade floor and uses a squeegee and vacuum to segregate and contain any potential loose aggregate and prevent any dirt from getting in the drains. Pressure washers are regulated to the max allowable PSI for the type of surface we are cleaning and used only in corners and other areas it is impossible to reach with the machine.

BEWARE: There are many companies with “sweep” in their name but only several who use scrubbing machines. When using pressure washers in place of scrubbers much fugitive aggregates are washed down the drains and collect in the pipe. It may take several cleanings but eventually your pipes will clog.