Power Washing

Power washing (pressure washing) is the use of high pressure mechanical sprayers.

In parkades we regulate pressure to prevent damage and use them to clean dirt and grime from pipes and walls along with floors with painted or urethane traffic deck coatings. We also use power washers at higher pressure to remove loose paint chips from walls and pipes as part of wall preparation for painting contractors.

Parkades should have their walls and pipes washed at least once every three years. The longer you allow the dirt to accumulate in these places untreated the harder it becomes to remove without damaging the surface the dust and grime rests upon. For example, a dirty hand print left by a construction worker for a decade or more can be lightened up but you will likely remove the paint from the wall before you can remove all traces of print from the paint.

BEWARE: Within parkades the pressure of the power washing needs to be regulated to prevent damage to water proof membranes on the floor and prevent damage to insulated pipe wrap or chipping and peeling of paint on pipes and walls. Using Alberta Sweeprite means your pipe wrap won’t be torn, paint on pipes and walls won’t be etched and assures your membrane won’t be peeling off in sheets ½ a year down the road because pressure beyond the manufacturers max rating was used.