There’s far more to modern specialized maintenance services than a broom hitting the floor. Environmental concerns, new technologies and traffic deck coating remediation have taken commercial and residential parkade cleaning services to a new level in the turn of the new millenium.

At Alberta Sweeprite we customize our maintenance and cleaning services to meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers, condominium corporations and building owners for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties.

Specialized Maintenance Services


Scrubbing is done only with a specialized scrubbing machine that scours the parkade floor.

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When it comes to sweeping, Alberta Sweeprite uses only soft nylon brooms.

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Power Washing

Parkades should have their walls and pipes washed at least once every three years.

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Line Striping

Alberta Sweeprite uses the very durable Ennis Traffic Paint for striping stalls both in parkades and on outdoor surface lots.

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Alberta Sweeprite can replace your bulbs with standard florescent or even low energy LED.

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Concrete Crack Repair

Alberta Sweeprite offers a variety of concrete and membrane wall and floor crack repair services in parkades

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Traffic Deck Coatings

Alberta Sweeprite is manufacturer certified in the installation and application of a variety of waterproofing and concrete protective coatings.

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